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At the brink of an End

Most of my acquaintances think the End is Nigh. Some attribute it to the ‘wrath of Gaia’ or the ‘wrath of God’ or to some sort of conspiracy involving biological weapons, global politics, and the shenanigans of the very rich and powerful.

It’s rather odd to have a potential disaster actually happen. How bad the pandemic will be and for how long it will last remain unknown. But all the other disasters I was told to prepare for in the past (from nuclear war to asteroid strikes) never occurred. This potential pandemic virus is actually pandemicking and virusing enthusiastically.

Two weeks ago there was already some forecast of losing easy access to the Sacraments, so I made a good Confession and received Communion, with some sense that it might well be the last time. My sense that things are over has been right before, so I listen when it kicks in. God provided for one or two more opportunities, but from here on out I don’t know what will happen. As someone remarked, in a twist I hadn’t considered, taking away our access to the holy Sacraments can be in itself a divine chastisement. The very fact that this outbreak of disease has had a disproportionate impact on shutting down public religious life adds to that sense.

As I quipped to a friend, this Lent is certainly turning out to be extra-Lenty.

May God have mercy on us and Our Lady and all the saints and holy angels intercede for us.