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Not foods

I can’t stand truffles. I know I should like them – they are fancy, expensive, sought-after, and so on. But they smell horrible. They must be the kind of thing one has to acquire a taste for, like strange old cheeses, yogurt, aged meats, strong drinks, cilantro, dill and other unusual flavors. It took me ages to learn to like olives, and longer still to be able to eat sushi (which I still find somewhat revolting, but I like the associated things like pickled ginger, miso soup, and edamame, which helps).

Our only favorite pizza place has stopped delivering. I’m rather heart-broken. It was one of a very few places I really liked. I went out to the dentist today and half the shops I passed were emptied and closed, rent signs hung on their doors. It’s quite sad to see the empty streets and galleries. I suspect it will take years to recover, assuming the next months don’t bring more disasters.

A little plague project

A month or so ago I decided to just pray Matins every day, no matter what time of day it happened. It was the one hour that was always skipped because I was hanging on to “if you can’t pray it at 3am, you don’t get to pray it.”

Having abandoned that rule, I now am indulging in “Matins any time!” And it’s such a treasure of prayer! The very opening is a petition and a prescription:

Oh Lord, open thou my lips.

And my mouth shall declare thy praise.

I am also learning to chant Matins, since my love of music is rooted in a desire to chant the Office. Matins is new, so still a bit bungled. Again, the rule that encourages: “Sing what you can, read what you can’t.” And slowly I discover the unfamiliar hymns, the haunting invitatory, and an array of unknown antiphons.

With that as a starting point, off we go, attempting to blog again, hoping not to throw it all away in horror in a few weeks, as has happened to so many previous attempts. Given the quarantines perhaps I’ll keep at it a bit longer.

For a really funny previous attempt, check out globalhorseculture.com, my first blog, which still happily serves dozens of horse lovers a day but hasn’t been updated in seven years.