The other day I was looking at options for stand-up desks. I can’t go anywhere online now without seeing the same couple of stand-up desks over and over, on every site. I would love to see more options not just the same couple of options that I found unsatisfactory.

Which leads me to another subject:

Must office furniture be ugly? I use wooden dining tables for desks and a wooden chair to sit in. I can’t bear all that gray and black plastic stuff.

Speaking of dreadful workplaces full of endless gray and black plastic furniture, the call centers must have reopened today. I hadn’t had a sales call since March, and today I had three. Understanding sales callers in a foreign country is one of the final hurdles, one I have not yet overcome. The poor sound quality, background noise, specialized vocabulary and hurry make it generally impossible for me to understand anything.

I remember when I got good enough at Portuguese to understand multiple people talking around a dinner table in a noisy restaurant. That was a huge relief.

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