Agere Contra

Do you ever not want to go to Mass? Do you have all kinds of reasons? Here are a few: 1) It’s no longer obligatory. 1a) It’s obligatory, and that’s an impingement on my freedom.  2) Nobody there likes me. 2a) I’m an introvert and can’t stand the socializing. 3) The people near me talk […]


One of my favorite dance troupes to watch on YouTube…aka things to make your physical-therapist cringe! Here’s the official website of the troupe, the Moiseyev Ballet, whose founder was a highly regarded choreographer who specialized in dances that drew on folk dance traditions from around the world.

Off Schedule

Despite Lent I am fascinated with Christmas: In reading about the Nativity I got sidetracked by the detail of swaddling clothes (previous post), and then by the annunciation to the shepherds. Here are some notes I copied from the Catena Aurea, in case such things interest you. In Scripture every word is considered, a person […]

Three States

Not sure why this was in my drafts folder. It’s probably a photo taken from a hilltop at the north corner of the state of Rio de Janeiro, where you can see the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo. In any case, it’s a lovely view and lovely sky.


An elderly priest with a weak memory once confided that his strategy for keeping track of students at the seminary was to nickname them by physical characteristics. He told me a few of the nicknames, and I must admit that while I also have a terrible time remembering common names, it was easy as pie […]


The YouTube is full of nifty videos by women who have taken up traditional (or even medieval) clothing, hair-care, sewing and so on. I’m a fan! Here’s me dressed up for carriage driving – only did it for a brief time, but it was fun. Complicated, but fun.

What Child is this?

A few years ago I found a delightful Baby Jesus at a sacred art store in Spain. During my trip to Spain I had gone to numerous Christmastide Masses where the adoration of the Baby Jesus took place afterwards: the priest would fetch a life-sized Baby Jesus from a manger built near the altar and […]

Vain Repetitions

I’m likely to just write about the same things over and over. I don’t think God minds. The birds praise their Creator with the same song each morning. It must be something to see from God’s eyes, as it were: the dawn rolling across the turning earth, pole to pole. Along that line of light […]


Living in Brazil has been an exquisite balance of joy and pain. I think it went through some predictable phases. At first I had no idea what was going on because I couldn’t speak the language. Then I realized I could speak well enough but still had no idea what was going on because people […]


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